We don't waste time on carp flies, because carp aren't exactly kings that only dine on the finest roast, right? They also thrive in mud holes that muck up flies in one outing, so why bother tying beautiful flies for them? Right...And that is also why most of my carp flies look like crap, but [...]


Written by Sean Christie. Illustrations by Conrad Botes. As featured in The Mission Issue 05.  Mrs Daniels’ English class, standard 7, set two: the one time in my life I plagiarised another writer. It was a creative writing assignment, the sort of thing I had relished and excelled at in my last year at junior [...]


IN SOUTH AFRICA catfish are regarded, somewhat unfairly, as sluggish, bottom-feeding pains in the ass. It's the way they feed, how they move, the manner in which they lurk in the water. In other parts of the world, there are catfish species that behave more like pelagic fish. In our issue 19 Wish List Fish, [...]


(Part three of a catfish mission with Ofishally Babich) All photos by Terence Babich We all experience tough fishing trips and especially so in the last couple of years with the messed up weather patterns. It seems to be happening all over the world right now. What was predicted to be stable, warm weather turns [...]


(Part two of a catfish mission with Ofishally Babich) All photos by Terence Babich The gas stove lit up in blurry vision, my numb, shaking hand nearly getting burnt by the match in the process of calming a fierce desire for coffee. I woke up early, cold to the bone and the lack of sleep [...]


(Part one of a catfish fly fishing mission with Ofishally Babich) All photos by Terence Babich Wildebeest, oryx, hartebeest, springbuck and ostriches criss-crossing the dirt track aroused much interest, disrupting our normal discussion about fishing while driving to the river. From a distance the water looked like Yum Yum peanut butter (or as a recent [...]


Uganda... Where do I begin? An incredible country of colourful markets, genuinely happy people and shit roads. Our expedition up the Rwenzoris was successful. We'd summited Africa's third highest peak, spent some time cruising Queen Elizabeth National Park in our Toyota Hi-Ace, now nicknamed The Green Jacuzzi - I'm still not sure how it came [...]

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