This is a basic zonker streamer that I tied to catch some of our larger freshwater predatory fish. The colour combo is based on other effective streamers, especially tigerfish streamers, used across Africa (I took a page from Malcolm Meintjes' zonker tiger flies as displayed in the FOSAF Favoured Flies series). I’ve only been fishing [...]


As promised, here is a detailed step-by-step fly tying post on the Nuclear Hare's Ear (a great fly for yellowfish, bass and trout): 1) I like to use natural rabbit fur for the tail of this fly; this is red rock rabbit fur from roadkill that I picked up on a climbing trip to [...]

The ‘natural’ look

I’m writing this post because 1) it links up with two previous posts (which is also relevant while celebrating South African Fishing Flies); 2) I seem to forget about flies over five year periods (believe it or not) and would like to keep track of them on this database, and 3) it is part of [...]

The west is my oyster

As much as I love crunching black mussel shells walking a West Coast beach, I also cherish the succulents of the mountain ranges that lie near this coastline. I get to do and see these things when I set off on mini adventures, solo missions to find fish. Succulents of the Cederberg fascinate me. [...]

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The following article featured on the Red Bull website: Anglers often use the joy they find in the mountains, the scenic tranquil atmosphere and viewing wildlife as an excuse to carry a fly rod around. If these things were truly the elements of excitement in fishing, then hikes, outdoor photography clinics and game drives would [...]

Local Fish Mission for 2014

While Pete is chasing a Leerie the size of an average child, I'm moving into the mountains of the Western Cape. Goal #1 is a 10lb plus Clanwilliam Yellowfish (Labeobarbus Capensis). This highly threatened predatory grows in excess of 15lb and are only found in the Olifants/Doring River System. A small Clanwilliam from a Cederberg [...]