"It's still gloomy outside, but in the predawn darkness I take refuge under a streetlamp next to my car and start gearing up. I follow the usual routine; first inflate my float tube, then rig up my fly-rod and finally I get into my neoprene pants and splash jacket. While I'm busy doing my thing, [...]


Written by Sean Christie. Illustrations by Conrad Botes. As featured in The Mission Issue 05.  Mrs Daniels’ English class, standard 7, set two: the one time in my life I plagiarised another writer. It was a creative writing assignment, the sort of thing I had relished and excelled at in my last year at junior [...]


Conrad Botes battles chaos, fatigue and demons in his return to Gabon on a quest for the Silver King - tarpon. As featured in The Mission Issue 03. I wake up some time on the morning of day three. Or maybe it’s day four, I can’t remember at this stage. I’m completely exhausted, stretched to [...]

A week on Poivre and St Joseph

Cornad Botes, Bruce Williamson, Chris Bladen & co return from an epic trip to Poivre and St Jospeph Atoll.   Two days were spent on Poivre where the group managed Permit in the surf on fast stripped fleeing crabs.


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