“Every moral has a story. Every story has an end. Every battle has its glory and its consequence” Ben Harper Recently there has been a lot of talk among our circle about cameras, lenses, fresh angles and fish selfies. It reminded me of a time before selfies. Let’s go back to that time before selfies, [...]

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It's a "secret" valley high up in the Southern Berg that I have written about several times before. I even named my blog after the stream. I have decided that there's no point trying to keep places like this a secret. It's too remote and inaccessible for 99% of people to venture up there. I [...]

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Rediscovering My Old Haunts

The Natal Drakensberg and the Eastern Highlands of Lesotho are the most  beautiful place I know. I have travelled fairly extensively and hiked in mountains such as the Himalayas,  the Alps, Mt Kenya, Mt Kilmanjaro, New Zealand, and the mountains of the Western Cape. Maybe I'm a bit biassed about what's right on my doorstep [...]

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