A haircut? A mindset? Or, a fish? If you visit the Rio Irigoyen, you’re pretty certain to be looking for sea trout but, if Neptune smiles upon you, there’s an outside chance you might catch this beauty, the róbalo AKA Falklands mullet. Tom Clinton,* store manager of Farlows in London, encountered these fish recently. In [...]


Roderic ‘Roddy’ Hall has been around the block and then some. Even before he took on his current role of manager of Farlows Travel, Roddy had travelled pretty much everywhere fishy as a guide, a host and, on occasion, as a regular angler. Along the way, he’s seen what poor caffeine preparation.  can do. While fishing for steelhead in remote British Columbia he experienced coffee Nirvana when Derek Barber served up the perfect cuppa in the middle of nowhere.