Abel Drag Quick Fix

By Gerald Penkler Abel reels have rightfully earned their reputation as reliably solid and bombproof. Dunk, drop, sand bathe day in and day out and

Fly Hacks – Robbing the Vanity

I made my usual Wednesday night Beer and Cigarettes visit to my good buddy Warwicks last night… Warrels as he’s known to many ( and

Fly Hacks: Googly Eyes

By Gerald Penkler Eyes on flies look terrific, at least to the angler. I am convinced fish prefer them, but have no evidence to support.

Fly Hacks – Benzine Fingers

Continuing on the finger theme… this is to protect your fingers from immersion in Benzine and the wire brush (when cleaning screws etc before coating

Fly Hacks – Flexi Fingers

Strip-striking large predatory fish is hard on your skin, especially when the fish, such as trevally and large tigerfish, bolt off into the opposite direction at pace,

Fly Hacks – Tidy Leaders

Maxima.  I love everything about the stuff, bar the crap plastic spools that it comes on.  I feel like I spend my life untangling these things.

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