Two off-duty Orange River fly fishing guides, Matt Gorlei and Luke Pannell, return to Cape Town for some off-season down-time. What does a guide do when they are not guiding? Spam Instagram with species they, “Can’t stop thinking about…”? Fall into the loving embrace of their significant others? Have a shave, a hot shower, a non-longdrop shit and put on a nice shirt? Hit a club and tear the ring out of it? Nyet. They make a quick plan to head deep into the nearby mountains for a short, two-night session spent hunting fabled brown trout.


The 5 best things about where Andrew Apsey of Upstream Flyfishing guides. 5 best things about where you guide for Upstream Flyfishing? 
 The people


SOUT RIBBETJIES WITH SALSA VERDE (aka groen sous you larnie) Like après-ski, après-fish is serious business. Chef Kyle Knight of The Shop in Seapoint, Cape Town,

Close of Season Inspiration

Seeing as close of season on the Cape Streams is almost upon us here in South Africa, I thought I’d send some inspiration to all

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