Ever since Scott sent our testers a couple of rods from their new Scott Sector range, we’ve been gagging for a verdict from their long-term test. After all, the Scott Sector has retired the legendary Scott Meridian. Both of our salty guinea pigs, Fred Davis and Peter Coetzee, are unabashed long-term Scott fans,. But, they’re [...]

Grunter and a SUP

A while back I took a paddle on Ian Kitching's SUP Paddlefisher. What an awesome piece of equipment. Below is a short POV of Ian landing a cracking grunter from one of his SUPs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7i-HLiGpGk check Ian's work out at  http://www.supfisher.co.za/  

SUPping with a Flyrod

A chance encounter with my old surfboard shaper, Ian Kitching, who happens to be another addict of the long rod, landed me with the loan of his concept SUP FISHER board. Kitted and ready. Ian, having shaped surfboards for over ten years, decided to combine his fishing knowledge with his understanding of surfboards [...]


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