Fly fishing for trout and yellowfish in the Lesotho highlands in southern Africa The world is full of extraordinary fishes. Most countries have their own, unique fish species that the local anglers target. In South Africa, yellowfish of the family Cyprinidae are now most sought after angling fishes, but they are not well known to [...]

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The Rainbows of Katse Dam

Lesotho, Lesotho, Lesotho…How much more can we talk about the fishing in that country? I say: “Plenty more!”; because it is so damn good – as in best in the world? I really believe that the river fishing is unmatched in South Africa (and on a par with the best in the world), but read [...]

Lesotho Vid Teaser

Right now, I'm somewhere close to here... The Tourette camps are more central and south to our location and although we won't get the yellowfish, the scenery will be similar. Hope you're not too jealous!

Behind the Dragon’s Back

Lesotho, the Mountain Kingdom. I have had my ear chewed off by Rex Fey over the years about how good it is. Recently, you have witnessed with me the Middle Earth landscapes that Fey was shouting about. Behind the Dragon's back lie untouched trout waters. Needless to say this constant barrage of photos [...]

Lesotho – Fey’s Early Trips

Below are a couple of photos from Rex's early trips into Lesotho. The trips were in 2003 and 2005 - way back when. He was exploring those valleys well before many where even thinking of the potential it held. PS. When hiking for days on end one has to turn to a local source of [...]

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Lesotho – Land of Beyond on our Doorstep

My very good friend Rex has just got back from his annual (often bi- or tri-annual) fishing trip to Lesotho. He's been doing this trip for years now and knows the country better than most people. I'd venture to say that if there are any fisherman that have spent more time in the Mountain Kingdom, [...]

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