Fly fishing for trout and yellowfish in Africa finds its perfect expression in the Lesotho highlands with African Waters, says Leonard Flemming. Freshwater bonefish: yellowfish


Hastily covering long distances, running to fish for trout and yellowfish in the Western Cape mountains has been my standard approach since high school. I


In this post from the dark days of Covid-19 lockdowns, African Waters guides Tim Leppan and Philip Geldart got to spend time exploring Lesotho fly

Lesotho Vid Teaser

Right now, I’m somewhere close to here… The Tourette camps are more central and south to our location and although we won’t get the yellowfish,

Lesotho Rising

Until now it has been email conversations and finalising the dates. Avers has had to bail because of MBA – poor lad – and we’re

Behind the Dragon’s Back

Lesotho, the Mountain Kingdom. I have had my ear chewed off by Rex Fey over the years about how good it is. Recently, you have

Lesotho – Early Trips

Below are a couple of photos from Rex’s early trips into Lesotho. The trips were in 2003 and 2005 – way back when. He was

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