Based in Namibia, but just as likely to be found in the jungles of Bolivia, running down roosters in Mexico or stalking the Seychelles atolls, Christiaan Pretorius travels a lot and, as such, has his trip preparation down to a fine art. Here’s what he packs for the plentiful permit flats of Poivre.   "Fly [...]

Seychelles Tails

Found this on the vimeo page. So so awesome - I just can't get enough of those tails... [vimeo 33841445 w=500 h=281] AMIRANTE TAILS, Fly Fishing in the Seychelles for GT, Permit, and Bluefin Trevally from Castaway Films on Vimeo.

A week on Poivre and St Joseph

Cornad Botes, Bruce Williamson, Chris Bladen & co return from an epic trip to Poivre and St Jospeph Atoll.   Two days were spent on Poivre where the group managed Permit in the surf on fast stripped fleeing crabs.


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