7 Degrees South

At long frikkin last – a quality full length Seychelles Fly Fishing Film… I CAN NOT wait for it be released! Check it out at alphonsefilm.com

Pimping with the Guides

Guide’s don’t always live the dream – long, hots day watching other guys catching (or not catching) the fish. But when they get a day

Chasing Silver

Yes, it is a little cheesy but its my first attempt at proper video editing and the cheese seems to slide in automatically. This is

Seychelles Tails

Found this on the vimeo Castawayfilms.com page. So so awesome – I just can’t get enough of those tails… [vimeo 33841445 w=500 h=281] AMIRANTE TAILS,

A Farqing Hard Week

Seems Pete and I got dealt similar cards. While just being able to throw a fly in a fishery such as Farquhar is a treat,

Farquhar Day Dreaming

Our very good friend Nick Filmalter is certainly living the dream. He’s just spent a bit a time diving (and fishing a bit) around Farquhar.

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