"Within the first two weeks of this trip I had my fill of rainbows. Rainbows grabbed streamers and took to the air, they yanked dry flies under by the dropper nymph and devoured ugly dry flies in splashy rises. Like a paperback novel or a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship, they provided constant sparks of excitement, [...]

Too much! I know this preview has been doing the rounds. But it excites me. Immensely.

New Species: Robalo

Robalo (Centropomus undecimalis), or Snook as it is known by most fishermen is super fun fish to catch. These ambush predators reminded so much of small mouth bass in their nature. Super aggressive, these fish take to the air in awesome aerobatic displays when hooked. Fishing a smaller brush fly, Clouser or Surf Candy close [...]

Mission South America: Final Countdown and Ziplock Bags

How do I always manage to leave things until the last minute??? I fly tomorrow and only get my tyhoid shot in morning! Forex was bought today! Malaria tabs arrive this afternoon! And, more importantly, I'm still waaay too short on trout flies. I've tied a few but am lacking variety. Hopefully the shops there will have what [...]

Mission South America: The Gear

In anticipation of the upcoming South American odyssey, I've spent a fair amount of time contemplating the choice of fishing gear that will taken on the road. It has not been an easy task deciding and refining the choices. A few serious limitations made the the basics easier enough to decide; living out of a backpack for [...]


The first time I saw a photo of a peacock was way back when. While I can't you whether the picture was magazine or internet, how the fish was caught or who holding it. I do have, etched into my memory, an image of a 20lb plus black-barred, red and yellow fish being held above [...]


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