On a desolate stretch of beach while fishing in Sudan, The Mission’s editor-at-large Conrad Botes heard a voice and had a vision. As featured in

Redemption – Sudanese style

My last run in with an Arabic GT ended in tragedy, that was of the Omani variety and for whatever reason, when I first headed off to Sudan i didn’t consider that these too were Arab geets.

Teasing on the bommies and shelves was fantastically exciting, but with increasingly impressive leg infections and easily bored eyes, Stu and I turned to land to look for the free swimming variety.  The triggerfish frenzy had finally started to wear off and I quite fancied the idea of a GT now.

Moored in one of the most incredible lagoons I’ve ever seen in my life, we set off to the GT highway.  An area that had produced my favourite trigger on the same session.  We spotted two GTs and I managed to get the fly in front of both, but, none had a bite.  I was still dead set on the Game Changer that had worked so well on everything, but I was starting to see funny behaviour.

Sudan recaps

Instead of a daily report I’ll post little snapshots of awesome moments exploring this incredible place with Stu Harley, Nicola Vitali and Johan Brits. Some

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