Blast from the past – Fly fishing the kingdom day 2

DAY 2: More blind casting in the morning. Nothing. More blind casting in the afternoon. Nothing.  And im not whipping a cute 3wt TXL around.  This fishing hurts. By now Ive caught everyones attention and they've noticed my hard work and are most likely feeling sorry for me.  Sean approaches and recommends a new spot, [...]

Blast From the Past – Fly fishing the Kingdom – day 1

DAY 1:Arriving at Gillhams (near Krabi) the previous afternoon I quickly began to see activity of the water.  Cruising Red Tail Catfish, Arawana, Rolling Arapaima.  I got an early nights sleep and got ready for the 7am lake opening.When you are about to begin a fishing trip you begin with a bunch of false assumptions [...]