David Gravette has been a professional skater since he was 17. Skating has taken him around the world, and at age thirty-five, has given him more than his fair share of injuries—earning him the nickname “Captain Dislocate.” Over the course of his injuries Dave picked up fly fishing, which has become a pursuit that allows him to focus when he can’t skate, and a way for him to express his creativity.

Trailer: A Kinetic Loop

Evolution. Change. Past. Present. This looks interesting. From the guys at Sharptail Media:  “[A Kinetic Loop is] A celebration of fly fishing’s past and present. An

Fly Fish Stoke

A very cool montage of scenery and imagery from the guys at Patagonia. It put a smile on my face and an eager itch in

Fly Fishing is a Joke

A captivating and thought provoking look at what fly fishing is through the view finder of the talented Henry Harrison of Reel Action Media.  

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