This is a special time of year.  A time of giving, celebration and reflection.  Finding a meaningful gift is tough but did get me reminiscing about two gifts that heavily influenced who I am today as a fly fisherman.  And with that in mind,  I started building a fly rod to help the next generation [...]

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From his home waters in the Seychelles of Alphonse, Cosmoledo, Poivre and Astove to Russia for Atlantic Salmon, Bolivia for Dorado and everywhere in between, Keith Rose Innes has had the pick of the bunch in all the dream destinations. Rearrange your bucket list and start checking the bank balance, here are his top 5 [...]

Bloody Baetis

As fly fishers we are always dialed into the weather. Seasonal changes are picked up almost as second nature and  as a hatch junkie , I get a strange excitement stirring inside , when almost subconsciously  I become aware that the sky starts to lose its summer haze. There's dew in the morning  , a [...]

From El Nino to El Nina and the Sweet Bits in Between

On the Highveld our warm season has been a case  of famine or feast. Spring didn't last long as the drought conditions put  strain on the streams and the fish. Even our tailwater fishery below the Barrage took strain. One fish that's not put off by low flows and high temps are carp. They regularly popped [...]