This list is ever-evolving and will never be the same for everyone. This is my little lust list at the moment: Pasta Cutter I’m in love with spun foam flies right now. From the early Tuscan Bunnies and Gas HED mullets to the Gas HED prawns. And the Ironman (but that is tale for another [...]

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Fly Hacks – Abel drag quick fix

By Gerald Penkler Abel reels have rightfully earned their reputation as reliably solid and bombproof. Dunk, drop, sand bathe day in and day out and you can still rely on them to stop a drag racer of a fish. However,  as I am sure many have discovered, they have an achilles heel. Ironically it's cleaning. [...]


I made my usual Wednesday night Beer and Cigarettes visit to my good buddy Warwicks last night... Warrels as he's known to many ( and 1st Lady to a select group of others ) has recently returned to the Fly tying obsession after a long hiatus of throwing lures and stupid shit like that.. granted [...]

Fly Hacks: Googly Eyes

By Gerald Penkler Eyes on flies look terrific, at least to the angler. I am convinced fish prefer them, but have no evidence to support. But at the very least they make my flies look that bit better. Putting eyes onto big baitfish patterns however was often a sticky affair for me, leaving superglue on [...]

Fly hacks 3 – Flexi Fingers

Strip-striking large predatory fish is hard on your skin, especially when the fish, such as trevally and large tigerfish, bolt off into the opposite direction at pace, creating white burn marks across the index and middle fingers. Then there are also textured lines, which may not be new on the market, but lines, such as the Scientific [...]

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Fly Hacks 2 – Seal Your Reel

Hardy is making some phenomenal tackle at the moment, and my curiosity of the Fortuna drag soon lead me down the dreaded sealed drag teardown after I managed to misalign the drag plates.  Under the drag knob I found something very clever.  To ensure the drag is sealed correctly the good folks at Hardy use [...]

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