This excerpt is from the Tim Babich profile, 'The Chameleon' in issue 32 of The Mission. Over the years of hard salty slog, from Cosmo, to Providence, then on to St Brandon’s and back, post-piracy, to the Seychelles with FlyCastaway on Farquhar Atoll, Tim grew as a guide. As with most people who spend enough [...]


In the making of food products, scientists have developed the ‘bliss point,’ which is the perfect amount required of an ingredient like salt, sugar and fat to optimise a product’s deliciousness (and make you fat). The theory is that combinations of sugar, fat and salt act synergistically and are more rewarding than any one ingredient [...]


Tim Babich is a head guide for FlyCastaway and he has caught many big GTs on fly tackle in and around St Brandon's and Farquhar. He designed the Tan Brush Fly, which imitates mullet and tropical squid, to specifically catch giant trevally. GTs generally come into shallow water to feed on the baitfish and squid [...]

Moments shared

               Client & Guide Moments Text by Ryan Hammond (photographs by FlyCastway) As an angler (and guide) it is very easy to become focused solely on the end result; that being to land large numbers of fish or one specific trophy fish.  The special moments shared between anglers, guides and their quarry are often overshadowed [...]


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