Ever since Scott sent our testers a couple of rods from their new Scott Sector range, we’ve been gagging for a verdict from their long-term test. After all, the Scott Sector has retired the legendary Scott Meridian. Both of our salty guinea pigs, Fred Davis and Peter Coetzee, are unabashed long-term Scott fans,. But, they’re [...]


Fulfilling a childhood dream to visit Fiji, Fred Davis and his girlfriend Dan Nortje fished, surfed and lost themselves in the island life.   "Shoulders slumped, I stared down the spaghetti line that, moments ago, was connected to a GT. I was done now. A little frustrated, but not nearly enough to shout and curse, [...]

Who We Are

It all started after the trip of a lifetime to a tiny atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Two fishermen with different approaches, different thought processes, different styles and shared passion for catching fish on fly were thrown together in small room on Farquhar. The rest just happened! The idea to combine our [...]


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