Conrad Botes battles chaos, fatigue and demons in his return to Gabon on a quest for the Silver King - tarpon. As featured in The Mission Issue 03. I wake up some time on the morning of day three. Or maybe it’s day four, I can’t remember at this stage. I’m completely exhausted, stretched to [...]


"If I could change one thing in fly fishing, it would be the illusion that you can drop a packet of money on going to an exotic venue and come back as an accomplished fly angler. I’m all for the School of Hard Knocks – I had to repeat a few grades myself just to [...]


THE MISSION's editor at large and Feathers & Fluoro stalwart Conrad Botes on juvenile tarpon in Gabon. For more on this trip, read his account in Issue 3. It often occurs to me that it’s the unexpected parts of a fly-fishing trip that stay with me. Case in point is the trip we had to [...]

Sette Cama, Gabon

Contribution by Rob Scott (Tourette Fishing – www.tourettefishing.com) Fighting fish on light spinning gear, a not uncommon sight when casting lures in Gabon.   Rob Scott with a giant African threadfin. As the name suggests, this species grows big—over 45 kilograms. Threadfin strike hard, then take off on a long, fast run.   Gabon fishing pioneer, [...]