Spanish barbel after barbel would tear off on their first run and then proceed to rip tippet and squirmies ragged over the sharp gravel. Most fish were caught on dries (story coming soon), but for deeper, mud rooting barbel, Leonard Flemming’s improved bloody squirmy was particularly effective ( However, the squirmies did not hold up [...]

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We might have travelled to Iran for shots at big mangar (king barbus) with fly (read the full story of that trip in issue 10 of The Mission), but my fascination resided primarily in the myriad cyprinids I read about in scientific publications on pre-trip Google searches. There was also no shortage of strange fishes [...]

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This is a special time of year.  A time of giving, celebration and reflection.  Finding a meaningful gift is tough but did get me reminiscing about two gifts that heavily influenced who I am today as a fly fisherman.  And with that in mind,  I started building a fly rod to help the next generation [...]

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Words and photos by Gerald Penkler Scotland or Spain? Pike or Spanish barbel? Rain or sun? Cold or hot?  Midges or no midges?   Why anyone would choose a road trip through Scotland over Spain is beyond me, and yet this is exactly the choice we made.  I hope to convince you to do the same… [...]

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By Gerald Penkler “GERAAAAALD”, shattered the night calm and echoed across the darkness. This was followed by a cacophony of banging and panicked shouting, before a gazillion candle power spotlight arced back and forth across the hillside as if searching for an escaped convict. In surprise, I looked down towards the camp and saw someone running [...]

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Holá México Part 4: Lagoons, Cenotes & Logistics

Text and photos by Gerald Penkler This trip was spent mostly fishing the surf and flats, however, next time I will focus on the incredible looking lagoons.   I thought I would share some thoughts of how to approach this and what you could expect. The lagoons and cenotes tend to be lined with thick mangroves [...]

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Holá México Part 3: To swim or not to swim

Text and photos by Gerald Penkler “To swim or not to swim”, she appeared to ask with a toothy grin.  A monstrous hulk was basking in glorious sunshine, mouth agape and dark beady eyes watching and waiting.  We had planned to swim across a dark, murky green, mangrove-lined channel a bit further down to reach [...]

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Holá México Part 2: Jack & Bone stalk

Text and photos by Gerald Penkler Our brains felt jangled by the time we arrived at the sand spit.  The roads along this coast are littered with some huge potholes. More aptly put, the potholes you drive on occasionally have some flat bits.   With the light fading, beautiful jade green water and an orange sunset [...]

Holá México Part 1: Cops and Triggers

Text and photos by Gerald Penkler “Infraction! You made infraction.  You cannot turn there.”  Intimidating rifles fondled at the window.  “Pay 400 pesos now or police station and 2400 pesos”…It is not hard to spot a tourist fresh from wintery UK. Welcome to Mexico! To be fair, I did mistakenly turn the wrong way at [...]

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Fly Hacks – Abel drag quick fix

By Gerald Penkler Abel reels have rightfully earned their reputation as reliably solid and bombproof. Dunk, drop, sand bathe day in and day out and you can still rely on them to stop a drag racer of a fish. However,  as I am sure many have discovered, they have an achilles heel. Ironically it's cleaning. [...]