Some guys, like Johannesburg-based Peter Whittaker, a veteran, globe-trotting angler who is our Lifer in issue 32, seem to have life dialled in.  There are few people we have met who actually fish as often as he does (he is literally almost always fishing). Seychelles, Jurassic Lake, Bolivia, the Orange, the Vaal and many other [...]


Consistently holding pole position as South Africa’s top-ranked competition angler, Dan Factor of X-Factor Angling (, is also a fly fishing coach and a guide, taking clients all over the world. We caught up with him for a rapid-fire High 5s. Dan Factor on the Orange River 5 best things about where you [...]


There's been a noticeable consumer shift over the last decade or so (roughly how long we've been paying attention) towards destinations and outfitters who actually give a damn about where they do business. We're talking about operations that don't only offer a great fishing experience, but also put in a demonstrable effort to contribute to the the environment, the community and the country  they operate in.

Tsiname Photo Essay

Bradley Hyman, of Fly Religion (check out their facebook page) is currently living your dream... If not convinced, see below... Yes, I also wish I was in Mr Hyman's place...   Thanks to Brad and Fly Religion for sharing these photos and keeping us normal peeps green as hell! Follow Fly [...]

Fabien does Tsiname

When Fab sent me an invitation to a dropbox folder labelled "Tsiname 2013 collection" I really didn't want to open it. We've all heard the stories of massive Golden Dorado in small, clear rivers of the Isiboro Secure National Park and Indigenous Territory. Jealousy struck deep. I fell in love with these aggressive, acrobatic fish on [...]

Jungle Fever

Guido has been guiding at the famed Tsiname Lodge that is situated in the Isiboro Secure National Park and Indigenous Territory deep in the Bolivian. This remote, fly in only destination has become renown for its big fish in tiny rivers. Guido turned me green with envy when he dropped a few photos in my inbox. The [...]

Mission South America: The Gear

In anticipation of the upcoming South American odyssey, I've spent a fair amount of time contemplating the choice of fishing gear that will taken on the road. It has not been an easy task deciding and refining the choices. A few serious limitations made the the basics easier enough to decide; living out of a backpack for [...]


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