A few months ago Jimmy Eagelton introduced me to a pattern that produced quite a few silver kob (Argyrosomus inodorus) for him on the West Coast. He tied the fly specifically to be fished tight against rocky substrate where the kob were holding, without getting snagged. The drop-shot fraternity on the West Coast and their [...]


Winter solstice was on the 21st of June, so technically we’ve passed the bend and are on our way to spring. But for practical reasons, I generally consider the middle of July as the coldest, wettest and most miserable part of winter in the Western Cape. Traditionally it’s also a quiet time on the fishing [...]


An 89 cm dusky kob taken on the Dinner Bell I designed the Dinner Bell fly while guiding Tourette Fishing clients for tigerfishing in Tanzania. It happened after a particularly fussy client insisted on catching the biggest fish yet taken from the Kilombero Valley.  To keep him quiet, I selected the biggest fly he owned, a large, blue [...]