Traditionally the closest likely kob water to Cape Town are the  estuaries due East, about two and a half hours away. That all changed when Jannie Visser started to catch kob from the reefs on the eastern side of False Bay a season ago, about a 25 minute drive from the Cape Metropol. What struck [...]


A few months ago Jimmy Eagelton introduced me to a pattern that produced quite a few silver kob (Argyrosomus inodorus) for him on the West Coast. He tied the fly specifically to be fished tight against rocky substrate where the kob were holding, without getting snagged. The drop-shot fraternity on the West Coast and their [...]


An 89 cm dusky kob taken on the Dinner Bell I designed the Dinner Bell fly while guiding Tourette Fishing clients for tigerfishing in Tanzania. It happened after a particularly fussy client insisted on catching the biggest fish yet taken from the Kilombero Valley.  To keep him quiet, I selected the biggest fly he owned, a large, blue [...]

Beulah’s Surf Fly Rods

Although I use 9ft 10wt rods for most of the fishing (surf zone and estuaries) I recently started using a 9/10wt 11ft Beulah switch rod, specifically when I’m fishing rolling surf from beaches. The Beulah website describes the rod as follows: “Beulah’s Surf Fly Rods are fast action two handed rods designed to quickly cast [...]