"We don’t bat an eyelid at an eight-ton bipedal kangaroo lizard with tooth-pick arms and a bull terrier head, so why are dragons that unlikely?  Are they misidentified Pterodactyls? We are, after all, not talking about the most unlikely of animal designs. They were never blue whale-big, nor did they have drumstick-like legs with toothpick [...]


"Some fish are meant to come to hand, while some seem doomed from the second the hook up happens. My fish was a bit of both.  The swing had finished and I’d begun to retrieve to set my next cast in the lie. I felt a rock or two on the fly, and, not completely concentrating, [...]


Our issue 6 rapid-fire catchup with the Orange River OG, Taba “West” Phiri of Kalahari Outventures, whom you’ll usually find guiding clients into big fish in the pristine Kalahari Largemouth Yellowfish Conservancy in the Northern Cape. 5 best things about guiding on the Orange River? The river is pristine and untouched. Pure wilderness, wild and [...]


LIKE GHOSTLY AQUATIC HODORS THEY ARE BIG, SPOOKY AND SPECIAL, and to catch big (really big) largemouth yellowfish takes time and effort. Justin Rollinson of Flycastaway weighs in on what it took for him to get this beauty. WHAT: Largemouth yellowish, aka “largie”, “Labeobarbus Kimberleyensis” or for those of you who have put in the [...]

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Dragons in the Northern Cape – Day 2

We arrived back to camp the previous evening to the remains of a Vervet Monkey Frat Party.  They had chewed through our braai salt, opened cooler boxes, eaten a whole box of rusks (that one is quite impressive).  Luckily they didnt manage to open the Bioplus saches.  If they had we would have probably had [...]