Taking the Scenic Route

A Summer’s Escapades Into The Mountain Kingdom Part 4 of 4 Words and photos courtesy of Rex Fey Taking the Scenic Route This year in mid-May I

Lesotho: Rounding Off

Getting back to work and routine last week was a serious shock to the system. I made several starts at finishing off my Lesotho posts

Lesotho: Passing Time

After Ryan’s stunning fish and our lunch with the chief, we headed off. The roads in Lesotho are engineering feats worthy of comment. The steep

Lesotho: Why we came.

I came to Lesotho to sight fish to browns. It was that simple. And although the fishing had already taken an almost secondary position to

Lesotho: Back down

Waking up on the escarpment is not something that is easily explained. The sun rises below you in the mists of the distant hills of

Lesotho: To The Escarpment

So the destination today was the escarpment. We were up early and packed light. Ryan was told were leaving in 30min, we left in an

Lesotho: Heading Up

After the day of lessons, it was decided that it was time to head off the beaten track. While Ryan and I had be learning

Lesotho: First Awakenings

If Ryan and I were waaaay excited about testing the waters on our first, Rex was beyond! I can only describe his early morning keenness

Lesotho: Arrival

Thanks to the Neon Charity Party the night before, I left Cape Town on Saturday with a hangover. Luckily it wasn’t long before I picked

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