Two weeks into Lockdown level 2, with international borders still closed,  Jazz Kuschke goes in search of  local tigerfish in South Africa at Lake Jozini to wash away the cabin fever. Up close and personal with some of the permanent residents Tigers, again. This time was different though. I’d not stamped a passport [...]


It shouldn't have come as a surprise that the one pattern that stood out on the trip involved spun foam.  We just cant seem to get away from it lately.  Whether its hydraulics on the tail created from the foam or some other underwater phenomenon - there is something about it that just works. I spent [...]


Drove 8 hours today to Upington and tomorrow morning I set off to base camp on my first ever multi-day drift trip with the guys from Mavunganga.  I missed two drifts with Ewan in similar territory, and I'm constantly reminded by his whatsapp profile pics featuring oversized yellowfish and incredible scenery. He assures me that [...]

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