Forced, by us, to select his favourites from over 400 species he has caught on fly, here’s what Jeff Currier chose from South America: "My first real trip to South America was to Venezuela in 1996. I went down there to catch Payara, aka Vampire Fish. By then I was so used to winging trips [...]


In his pursuit of catching any fish whatsoever on fly, Jeff Currier has risked being fired by bosses (mild); losing 20lbs in weight from Delhi belly (medium); getting abducted by Colombian rebels (fiery);being eaten by tigers (incineration) and has had countless other misadventures. But over the last 40 years and in 60 countries, he’s racked [...]

The Vampire’s Cauldron – Uraima Falls, Venezuela

By Gordon Richmond Venezuela normally conjures mental images of tropical shores, sight fishing for bonefish while sipping tequila on a pancake flat, but that is all about to change. Adventurous fisherman are always looking for new destinations that push the boundaries of fly fishing and we, the Aardvark Mcleod team, have been working on an [...]