“If I could change one thing in fly fishing, it would be to spend more time with experts from whom I learn constantly. Out there


“What I get out of fly fishing has changed over the years. I believe I’d like to fish more, but maybe because of that, I

Fanie’s Zonker

FlyBru and Fanie Visagie (a.k.a., Gordon van der Spuy) recently released the 2nd fly-tying video demonstration of a long series I suspect. Again, Fanie shows some

The Klippies en Kolgaans

I really enjoyed watching this FlyBru production of Gordon van der Spuy (Fanie Visagie) tying a popular Western Cape trout fly; Gordon shares some good fly tying

GT Ice Cream

The history of the ‘GT Ice Cream’ surface lure By Barry Wareham from BasilManning lures The first GT Ice Creams were made on a lathe I inherited

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