Lesotho: Back down

Waking up on the escarpment is not something that is easily explained. The sun rises below you in the mists of the distant hills of Natal. The Ngeli lie far to south, barely discernable only after the sun gets higher. The light filters slowly up to you as it melts the grey mists to golden. [...]

Lesotho: To The Escarpment

So the destination today was the escarpment. We were up early and packed light. Ryan was told were leaving in 30min, we left in an hour. He was getting better :) The day promised to be hot; the sky spread blue to the distant horizons and the mountain's seemed alive. We're going there... somewhere... [...]

Lesotho: Heading Up

After the day of lessons, it was decided that it was time to head off the beaten track. While Ryan and I had be learning our lessons the day before, Rex had headed up to meet the chief of the village. Apart from paying the necessary respects, he took the opportunity to find out about [...]

Lesotho: First Awakenings

If Ryan and I were waaaay excited about testing the waters on our first, Rex was beyond! I can only describe his early morning keenness to fish as 'savage'! I've always believed in keeping fairly gentlemanly hours when trout fishing but that morning I rather keen myself and was eager for a 6am start and [...]

Lesotho: Arrival

Thanks to the Neon Charity Party the night before, I left Cape Town on Saturday with a hangover. Luckily it wasn't long before I picked up Ryan Weaver, abandoned with backpack beside one of the Cape's finest dry fly streams, the Smalblaar. The river was looking is great shade and a few fly fishers, dresse [...]

Get out and explore!

I got an email from Rex Fey yesterday. Attached were several photos - they are below. His message went something like this: Davis Hope the Cape winter is treating you well. I've been exploring. Look what I found... Fey The photos looked something like this: An E Cape cockfish. There is still so [...]

Smalblaar Sunday

I spent Sunday morning on the second beat of the Smalblaar River. Neil Rowe had called and invited - I was very excited seeing as I hadn't fished the lower sections of the river in several years and all the reports I had were of great fish being taken over the season. After a quick [...]

Some NZ magic

Far up a large lake in the south of the land of the All Blacks lie two unreal rivers. They're difficult to get to. Spoken about with hushed voices. Difficult to much information on. They're on my list of places to fish. Of course, my good friend Rex, who regular readers of this blog will [...]

More Patagonia Trout Porn

The Rio de las Vueltas flows crystal clear from Lago Desierto to the confluence of the Rio Toro where it picks up that milky colour from the glacier melt water. It's a beautiful piece of water that I will come back to fish. I was told four things about the Rio de las Vueltas: 1) [...]