TWO FRIENDS, Dre and Warwick, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, chaos and order - one kitted to the teeth with the ultimate fly fishing vehicle, a pimped Alu-Cab bakkie, the other...not so much. Check out the video we made with these two balaclava models on a recent trip: Get The Mission merch! Need a hat? [...]


I remember the emotion of picking up a fly rod for the first time, pulling fly line off the reel and feeling the thickness and suppleness between my fingers. I was in awe and tried to figure how this foreign way of fishing worked as I knew nothing. After catching the first fish and feeling [...]

Ten Tips for Big Smallies part 2

Go where the wild things are Spring is just more than a month away, and if you are keen to target some serious river smallmouth, now is the time to get ready. One of the most obvious, but probably most important strategies for big bronzeback,  is to fish the best water. Go where the wild [...]

Ten tips for big Smallies part 1

  Micropterus Dolomieui, bronzebacks, smallies, call them what you may; I love fishing for smallmouth bass. Why? The first thing that comes to mind is their remarkable fighting ability. I love the way they can put a hole in the surface of the water when they get airborne after being hooked, even in fast water. [...]

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