Seasoned middle Vaal flyrodder, Jeff Tyser recently missioned into the pristine wilderness of The Kalahari Largemouth Yellowfish Conservancy with Kalahari Outventures. Comparisons were inevitable.     "The Vaal River – specifically from The Barrage down into the Vredefort Dome – holds a mighty special place in my heart. For over twenty years its rapids, riffles, [...]


IT'S ALL VERY WELL HAVING A SPECIAL VALLEY AND BIG FISH (browns, rainbows and yellows), but without community and sustainability there’s no point. Off the back of our Issue 4 story (The Legend of F#@k You Valley), we chatted to Tourette Fishing’s Rob Scott, Keith Clover and Ed Truter about the Bokong River and their [...]

Bloody Baetis

As fly fishers we are always dialed into the weather. Seasonal changes are picked up almost as second nature and  as a hatch junkie , I get a strange excitement stirring inside , when almost subconsciously  I become aware that the sky starts to lose its summer haze. There's dew in the morning  , a [...]