Age and Wisdom

Last Saturday I spent a most entertaining morning on the Hotel beat of the Smalblaar. I joined an old British chap, Keith Nicklin and acted as his walking stick! I've fished with Keith before, and I hope I'll fish with him again. Age has not treated his ankles and knees all that well - 79 is [...]

EP 3 Report

Beat 3 of Elandspad is one of my favourites. We had a fantastic start to the day. No wind, fish moving and clear sky. As always, this time of year on any Cape Stream shows up all your casting weaknesses and helps you realise the ABSOLUTE importance of presentation. Fish were caught all day on [...]

Elandspad 2 Report

Spent a very pleasant morning on EP2 this last Saturday. The fish were around but reminded us very early that no shoddy casts or slack presentations would be tolerated. The overcast weather made for a lovely morning that didn't get too hot too quickly kept the fish moving well into the afternoon. But it also [...]


This is an advert for The Fly Shop trips. Maybe they'll invite us for posting it. HAHA! But just for the crazy rainbow action, it is worth a watch!


I love the concept of the five-minute fly fishing film. Short, sweet and gets the blood flowing in a minimal amount of time! The team from Adipose Fly Fishing has just released their new short film, Confluentus. From their vimeo site: "In the summer of 2013, the boys from Adipose Fly Fishing ventured north to [...]

A Stream called Nowhere

Post Lesotho, Ryan and I had a day to kill before heading home to the Cape. I was Knysna bound, via an Eastern Cape farm wedding - which was an absolute jol - and Ryan was catching a bus from East London to a very happy wife and daughter in Cape Town. As mentioned in [...]