Experience the wildest giant trevally fishing in St Brandon's... in a while.  The most remarkable part of this trip was 'The Day'. The GT day. Or to give it it’s full name, what Milan Germishuizen described as “The wildest GT fishing day in St Brandon’s in a while”. From my prime position in the front [...]


Renowned sado-masochist, James Topham, in Issue 19's Undercurrents, on the best of the worst times in the life of a fly fishing guide. "While the soaking salt water spray from the bow of the skiff is the bane of my day, sometimes I find myself missing it for its harshness and for the feeling of [...]


In the making of food products, scientists have developed the ‘bliss point,’ which is the perfect amount required of an ingredient like salt, sugar and fat to optimise a product’s deliciousness (and make you fat). The theory is that combinations of sugar, fat and salt act synergistically and are more rewarding than any one ingredient [...]

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