Marina Gibson joined The Fly Fishing Nation crew on their German and Austrian home waters. Big browns, barbel, grayling, brook trout ensued. For the first part of Marina's story, check out The Hills Are Alive, or get stuck in to issue 23 here. Marina Gibson on an Austrian stream. Photo Stephan Dombaj During [...]


From cave art of woolly mammoths to hero shots of trophy fish, we feed off visual story-telling. Without  Instagram and the rock star poses, the trophy fish and the Michael Mann montages that sell destinations, gear and dreams, today’s fly fishing world would be a much quieter place. Dictated to by geography and history, everyone would keep in their lane… but not Fly Fishing Nation’s globe-hopping Stephan Dombaj. When it comes to lanes, think of him as a talented Pricasso, boozed, in a rally car, armed with a loudhailer. The Mission met him in issue 6.


Fresh from Stephan Gian Dombaj ('The Porn Star' from our lead profile in issue 6) and the team at Fly Fishing Nation, comes this trailer for Three Runs - Fly Fishing Escapism - their new entry into the Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival. Almost like a music video at times, this Felix Tonio Stinzing-directed look [...]

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