The best story-teller in fly fishing strikes again! Rolf Nylinder is on fire at the moment, releasing another gem of a short film. Told in his classic quizzical style, The Expedition Leader is about Rolf and his mates and the internal politics of who assumes the various roles on a fishing trip. For more on [...]


Guess who's back, back again? Rolf is back motherfakaaaaaaz, that's who! Our favourite Scandinavian fly fishing film maker (not as niche a tribe as you might think), Rolf Nylinder, is back with his crew from Podsol Fly Fishing with a new full length film of just over an hour long. With the regular crew of [...]


"Surfing and making music, along with fly fishing as a way to connect with our hearts, is the path for me.  They are all endeavours of intimacy and exploration.  Flying across the water on a wave that came from a storm a couple of thousand miles away with the end result of that energy collapse [...]