Under giant Sycamore fig trees on Ruhudji river, guide Johann du Preez loses his mind and completes an angling decathlon worthy of the Olympics while attempting to unlock ndungu, the fat, pacu-like fruitarian fig eaters of Tanzania. "It started with a slurp and a sloppy tail splash as the fish rolled to the surface to [...]

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Fresh from Capt Jack Productions is this trailer for 'The African Tiger' shot on location on the Mnyera and Ruhudji  rivers in Tanzania with Tourette Fishing. Home to 20lb + tigerfish, this area is wild like few other places on earth still are. The Big 5 plus plenty of other critters like crocs and hippos [...]

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Tiger Hunt – by Thomas Andrews

Text by Thomas Andrews (photos by Thomas Andrews and Tourette Fishing) I’ve been fascinated by African tigerfish for most of my angling life, even though I live half a world away in Australia. I don’t remember where I first learned about them, but it was many years ago and once I’d discovered them I wanted to [...]

Tanzania fish species 2011 continued…

Here are the rest of them... Labeobarbus sp. - possible new species   Labeobarbus sp. - possible new species; same as above (adult fish)?   Labeo sp. - possible new species.   Possible Chiloglanis sp.   Labeo sp. - possible new species.   Unidentified barb - note the large eyes; this fish was caught at [...]

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Tanzania fish species 2011

There was a request that I reveal the fish species that I collected in Tanzania in the year 2011. Here is a list of photographs and the species names (some are still unidentified or a closely related fish species is suggested until further tests prove it otherwise) of the sampled fish. As always, feedback would be greatly [...]