African Waters' location scout, Ed Truter, reveals the origin of his pattern, the Balbyter (Ball-biter), perhaps the most lethal fly on Lesotho’s incredible Bokong river. "I was beside a rocky run, crouching over a slab of basalt on Lesotho’s Bokong River, trying to keep out of sight of the stream of fish jostling past me [...]


On a desolate stretch of beach while fishing in Sudan, Conrad Botes heard a voice and had a vision. "I could have sworn I heard a voice. I looked left, in the direction I had just came from, then right down the shore in the direction I was heading. I was fishing in Sudan alone, [...]


Fly fishing for trout and yellowfish in the Lesotho highlands in southern Africa The world is full of extraordinary fishes. Most countries have their own, unique fish species that the local anglers target. In South Africa, yellowfish of the family Cyprinidae are now most sought after angling fishes, but they are not well known to [...]


Fresh from an undisclosed deep jungle location populated by massive fish (to be revealed soon), we catch up with 'Dogs of War' director Johan 'Vossie' Vorster of Flybox Films and Happy Hand Grenade Productions.   What is your background? I’ve been working in the film/tv industry for the last 18 years. I have worked behind [...]


IT'S ALL VERY WELL HAVING A SPECIAL VALLEY AND BIG FISH (browns, rainbows and yellows), but without community and sustainability there’s no point. Off the back of our Issue 4 story (The Legend of F#@k You Valley), we chatted to Tourette Fishing’s Rob Scott, Keith Clover and Ed Truter about the Bokong River and their [...]


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