Transkei Browns

I've spoken many times of the hidden Transkei Trout gems... There's a spot deep in the rolling foothills of the old Transkei. Rex was there recently and sent me a few photos - mostly because he wanted to make me jealous! He knows how I love the Kei, browns and small streams! Enjoy!

A Stream called Nowhere

Post Lesotho, Ryan and I had a day to kill before heading home to the Cape. I was Knysna bound, via an Eastern Cape farm wedding - which was an absolute jol - and Ryan was catching a bus from East London to a very happy wife and daughter in Cape Town. As mentioned in [...]

Transkei Trout

My father grew up in the Transkei. My grandfather was part of the initial stocking of many of the rivers in the Mount Fletcher region, including the Tina, Tsitsa and Luzi. The rivers of the upper regions of the Transkei were all stocked with trout. Now I realise that trout are not immediately associated with [...]


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