Mind surfing, a term that describes the process of imaging a surfer (normally yourself) on a wave. It could be a real wave, a picture,


40 kgs to fit everything needed for a 5 week tropical holiday… Indonesia and Fiji. 8 islands. Lots of fishing. Lots of surfing. Lots of

So you want to go pro?

In conversation with Tourette Fishing’s Keith Clover – the evolution from fly-fishing guide to desk jockey. And back again…

I first met Keith in July of 2006. The trip was a recce mission to suss the possibilities of running it as one of Tourette’s offerings. The plan was fairly simple: Use an inflatable raft to drift (and paddle) an 80-kilometre section of the upper Zambezi River, spending three or four days hunting tigerfish and camping wild.

Guide tricks - check how the stripping baskets doubled as table stands
Guide tricks – check how the stripping baskets doubled as table stands

I was at Getaway magazine at the time and Keith had invited me along to document the trip for a story in the mag.

Jah Booty

That’s how you pronounce it, Djibouti: Jah Booty. That tiny North Eastern African country nestled quietly between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. And that’s where we’re headed

Grunters At Night

Going to farther and/or deeper doesn’t always guarantee you fish, because the best time for man to fish, isn’t always the best time for the fish to feed.

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