The Evolution of the Bubble-butt Beetle by Ed Herbst If you Google Philip Hills + Persistence Pays Off On the Smalblaar you will find a 2005 Piscator article on the website of the Cape Piscatorial Society which gives an indication of how even the most selective trout rarely ignore a properly-presented beetle pattern. A growing [...]

The Kokstad Twist

I will never forget meeting Rex Fey. It goes back to 1st year Simonsberg Residence at Stellenbosch University in 2001. I was terrible fly tier. He was amazing. I could catch fish. So could he! But he could tie tiny perfect dries - and catch fish. I had to catch up!  We fished, we bantered, [...]

Season Opener

Ryan Weaver is a good friend and great fisherman. Thank heavens he also has access to some lovely waters. I had beat six booked on Holsloot for the day based the thought that being a tail water, it may help with the higher than normal early season water levels. However, upon arriving at the gate, [...]

Get out and explore!

I got an email from Rex Fey yesterday. Attached were several photos - they are below. His message went something like this: Davis Hope the Cape winter is treating you well. I've been exploring. Look what I found... Fey The photos looked something like this: An E Cape cockfish. There is still so [...]


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