"Mark is good to watch, which some fly fishers, no matter how good they are, are not, though it's not something I can easily find words for. I guess with Mark his most important attributes as a fly fisher are his ability to read both the water and the fish and his casting skills, especially [...]

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Artist, botany enthusiast and veteran fly fishing guide, Tony Kietzman has caught more fish than most of us have had warm dinners. But, as he told The Mission in issue 1, these days it’s less about catching fish than it is about going fishing. The first fish I can remember catching was a goby in [...]

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Bloody Baetis

As fly fishers we are always dialed into the weather. Seasonal changes are picked up almost as second nature and  as a hatch junkie , I get a strange excitement stirring inside , when almost subconsciously  I become aware that the sky starts to lose its summer haze. There's dew in the morning  , a [...]

Win a Custom Small Stream Rod

Okay, so I normally would not get involved with advertising competitions (I'd enter and keep it quiet in order to up my chances!) but this, I feel, is a worthy one. Friend, fly fisherman and rod builder Mario Geldenhuys' son, Logan, has been invited to attend the upcoming 3rd Biannual Worldwide Tang Soo Do Family International Championship in [...]

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