I’m a sight fisherman way before I’m a fly fisherman. Faced with two options; blind casting a fly rod, or pitching live bait at a target, I will pick the latter every time. As a result I find myself only ever really looking back at the trip photos of fish in the water, actively feeding – the moment just before it could happen when the fish is in that catchable state. I’ve sacrificed tons of moments like this, but I know that I’ll get more mileage from those photos than from one of me with the fish, and maybe most importantly, someone else can feel what it felt like to be standing on that flat, with that enormous triggerfish in front of you, or on that boat, with that shoal of milkfish coming towards you.

Here are some of those from recent years;

Triggerfish tailing

Milkfish feeding

Milkfish feeding offshore

Bonefish feeding

Grunter feeding

Parrotfish feeding

Parrotfish tailing

Yellowfish feeding on surface

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