Tails of Frustration

Tails of Frustration

Our cat Charlie often stares through our flat window, his eyes compulsively fixed on grey Loeries, feeding just a few grasps ahead. The only way i can understand his consuming frustration, is when i’m watching these spotted mud squirters, tailing a few feet in-front of me. Nervous twitch disorder.
– Blonde Elvis. fellow fly fisher and grunter chaser

i love those things so much i could honestly just spend time taking pictures of them tailing
– Peter Coetzee, grunter maestro during a facebook chat

Knysna and Sedgefield have grunter. They have lots of grunter. So does every estuary from de Mond to the Transkei. You can find feeding over the shallows as the tide pushes. They like to wave at you. Normally it’s just before they disappear.

I believe that they among the toughest fish that one can target on fly anywhere. And the hardest in South Africa.

The following photos are a highlight of the past four days of grunter chasing in the Garden Route.


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