Tall Tails – Legend of the Gurgler

9 thoughts on “Tall Tails – Legend of the Gurgler”

  1. Love the footage and I too have a serious jones for redfish, one of the few fish I have not experienced, mostly because the political climate in these parts of the USA is a tad scary-ultra bubba conservative. This video would be epic without the attempt at prose and music. I like music, I’m a big Alt-J fan, but in a setting like this , I just wanna hear water and birds and the sound of fiddler crabs chomping their way through the muck!

  2. The song was good but I agree that the video would have been better with just v the sounds of nature. Sometimes the music makes me feel like I’m watching fishing with headphones on.

  3. Alt-J is fantastic. They have a new album coming out this week. The music is good, but…Ya know, sometimes music in fishing vids makes me feel like I’m watching porn! Just saying…

  4. Ray you’re spot on. That narrative made me cringe. I want some running around, some swearing, chaos. Maybe I just don’t appreciate serenity like you trout guys haha.

  5. I watch these awesome videos as if I were actually fishing with the guys in the video, but the music makes me feel like I have headphones on….

  6. Dude, I could totally fucking go that way as well! Dropped a few f bombs on that holy shit rooster. One way or the other, as long as it’s real, not that pseudo pretentious poetry crap which seems to permeate merikan fly fishing porn. I love this thread!

  7. It’s the growing culture around fly fishing isn’t it. Flat caps and FOs… There’s a whole counter culture developing amongst us. I’m all for poetry and Mr Walton… on the banks of a chalk stream or a similar cultured station and its part of our history. But we’ve so surpassed being only about this.

    Each of us has so brought our personalisation to what is our passion, it’s become a unique expression of the diversity of the sport/art/hobby/who cares how we categorise it! It’s no longer the exclusive realm of tweed jackets and fancy accents.

    In the scope of fly fishing, the pretentious, the full-of-shits, the I don’t cares and FOs all have a place.

    So take John Voelker’s Credo to Flyfishing and rap that shit or put it to some punk rock riffs – the message is the same… It’s about me, the environment, the challenge and the fish.

    And WE love it, no matter what hat we wear 🙂

    So let’s keep it real. We all know when it’s being faked!

    I love this culture!

  8. Eloquently put and real fo sheezy. Bring on the youth and diversity, especially those kids who’s eyes light up with pure exuberance when they get to the water. No matter how cool your cap or tats may be, we all become giggly school girls when hooked up on the flats.


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