The Biggest Ever

The Biggest Ever

Im not usually a GT kind of guy.  Tug of war in the tropics doesn’t require that much, its a hook up and hold.  But in the surf its a whole different fish, sport, everything.  Add scarcity, 2m+ swell and surge and the Southern African GT game is only really for nutcases.

This was Southern Mozambique and must be the biggest GT taken on Terra Firma on the fly in Southern Africa.  In my opinion the greatest single catch too.

Arno Van Der Nest

I hope Arno doesnt mind me quoting his email but this blew my mind:

“The 95cm is the fish from the wave bashing sequence you blogged earlier – at 95cm, not quite the meter long fish I hoped for. But a fish that ate, missed and I managed to pick-up and drop the fly right in front of his nose again – and he ate properly that time!

And just to f%#K your mind before the weekend. My biggest fish from the shore yet – unfortunately taken in Southern Moz and not in SA. This fish was the last one of 5 fish I hooked that day, and the only one I landed. The amazing thing is that I hooked all them on a 8/0 Gurgler, so the takes were incredibly visual. The most insane and amazing day and events that happened during a period of 6 hours – that day is so vividly burned into my mind. I am sure that I fried some brain cells that day in the excitement and I blame that event for changing my life forever – well that’s what I tell my wife anyway…
What a spiritual mindf$#ck that was! At that stage I was experimenting with class tippet(20lb IGFA standards). BTW I have since abandoned that notion and fish straight 100lb, haha”


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  1. That’s sealed my leave for Dec, I know the exact spot in southern mozam. It’s time to dance with GT in the surf.


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