It’s an outdoor affair. The floor is wooden decking, the low walls traditional Zambian reed-work. A mokoro – planted upright – provides the perfect vehicle for the shower head. Warm water is from a fire-fuelled ‘donkey’ set a few metres back in the Mopane bush.

Sioma Falls camp
Shower views

That gloriously epic warm water is pretty freakin sweet at the end of a sweaty day’s missioning on foot. Second only perhaps to that first ice cold Mosi lager.

Ewan Naude earning his cold beer & hot water

But it’s the view. The view from this shower makes it. Perched on a sand dune high above the mighty Zambezi river, Wildman Fishing Co’s mobile camp (from which they access the area around the Sioma Falls) is a special location. The showers have pride of place on the one corner of the half-moon shaped camp setup.

I’ve had the good fortune over the years of having some epic outdoor showers. From a luxury mobile camp overlooking the famed migration in the Serengeti; to a solar-heated washdown on the deck of a liveaboard in Indonesia and a bucket-over-the-head on the Angolan side of the Kunene River Mouth. To name a few. It’s my, er, dare I say it, ‘bucket’ list.

Shower views

The Sioma shower is pretty near the top of that list. And it would’ve been, even if it wasn’t so glamp. Read more about my and Ewan Naude’s trip up to Sioma with Wildman Fishing Co in the Nov/Dec issue of The Mission. Live soon.

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