In Issue 11 of The Mission, Berg River carp whisperer Platon Trakoshis wrote about the etymology and entomology of his go-to carp pattern, The Lalu Bug. Here’s the step-by-step to go with his story.





Hook – No. 8 Jig hook – Hanak H470 BL or similar but make sure it’s strong.

Thread  – 70  Denier – Olive or colour to match hare fur.

Bead chain eyes – Black, gold or orange for stained water and visibility.

Scud tungsten shrimp body (optional for fast sink rate) – small.

Body – Hare Fur – Natural, tan or olive.

Wing case – scud back 1/8” – I use summer duck, but olives and browns are fine.

Thorax and head – Hare dubbing.

Legs – Grizzly Micro silicone legs olive or colour of preference (orange also works in stained water)





Note – the Lalu Bug sits hook point up to avoid snagging as it is mainly fished on the river bottom.


  1. Place your hook in the vice with the hook point down for now and tie in the bead chain eyes about 2mm from the jig hook bend. This will help flip the fly to sit hook point up.
  2. The tungsten scud body is optional for a faster sink rate and flowing water. The fly still sits hook point up without it and will sink slower for suspended fish.
  3. Tie in the scud tungsten on top of the shank as close to the bead chain as possible.
  4. Wind the thread beyond the bend of the hook as shown and cut a tuft of hair’s fur for the tail.
  5. Tie the fur in so it bends down slightly and cut the excess short to help create a bump of thread as pointed out. This will help flair out the following hair’s fur to come.
  6. Turn the hook on it’s side and cut another pinch of hair’s fur.
  7. Tie the hair’s fur on the side of the hook just behind the bump which will help the hair flair outwards, the fur should be shorter than the tail.
  8. Tie in another tuft of fur on the opposite side of the hook to create a wide, flared back of the body.
  9. Flip the hook over in your vice and cut another tuft of hair’s fur. This is the way the fly will sit when fished.
  10. Tie in the hair’s fur on top of the hook shank about 2mm along the hook shank. Trim the excess short.
  11. Wrap the thread about 2mm along the shank towards the eye, turn the hook onto it’s side and cut a tuft of hair’s fur.
  12. Tie the fur on the side of the hook shank so it flares out sideways.
  13. Tie in another tuft of fur on the other side of the hook shank the same size and length to create the upper part of the body.
  14. Wrap the thread another 2mm along the hook towards the eye, turn your hook point up and cut another tuft of fur.
  15. Tie the fur in on top of the hook as shown to complete the body.
  16. Cut a “V” into the scud back as shown to create a wing case.
  17. Tie the scud back wing case just behind the bead chain eyes make sure you leave enough space for the thorax and legs.
  18. Dress the thread with hair’s fur dubbing to create a noodle of dubbing.
  19. Wrap the noodle of dubbing behind the bead chain eyes to create the thorax.
  20. Wrap the noodle of dubbing around the bead chain eyes to create the head.
  21. This is what the fly should look like from above with the body, thorax and head complete.
  22. Fold the silicone legs over your thread as shown.
  23. Tie the legs in just behind the bead chain eyes on the side of the thorax. The legs will stand out pronounced as it cuts into the dubbing.
  24. Keeping the thread wraps to a minimum tie in legs on the other side of the thorax. Add another set of legs if your carp can count.
  25. Cut the legs to size, not too short so that they lose movement.
  26. Tie off Your thread. I add a touch of varnish to the “V” of the legs as shown to strengthen them.
  27. The top view of the complete Lalu Bug the way a carp should see it with the hook point up.


Go get them.



All photos and copy by Platon Trakoshis.





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