From the Furburger, to the Rich Chicken, the Poor Chicken (shem), the Articulated Scratch N Sniff, the Meat Magnet and many more, I’ve been stalking Meat Market Flies for a while now on Instagram. So, when they reached out offering to do a Step-By-Step for us, we were keen. For the most part they specialize in big-ass streamers designed for stripers (many of which could easily do the job for South African kob) and other salt species, as well as pike, steelhead and trout. Given a choice, and with the dog days of summer upon us in the southern hemisphere, we decided to go for the Mini Bass Smasher, a tasty-looking bass pattern for those late afternoon farm dam sessions.


Tied by Jayson Langstaff of Meat Market Flies, the Mini Bass Smasher is simple at the vice and versatile in the water. Jayson says, “This fly has tons of movement and just the perfect amount of flash to get any predators attention! When fished you can let it sink and dredge the bottom or strip it quickly like a wounded bait fish trying to get out of harm’s way! Either way the bass love it!


Mini bass smasher SBS
Hook Ahrex TP610 2/0
Large tungsten cone
White and light olive buck tail
Hackle feathers of your choice
Red polar reflector flash blood red
Arctic fox in chartreuse 
Olive and white Senyo laser dubbing 
10mm eyes


Step 1: Slide a large tungsten cone on to the hook and secure it with some thread wraps about a cone length back from the eye of hook




Step 2: Tie in a small clump of white buck tail about 11/2 times the length of hook shank.


Step 3: Tie in a hackle feather down each side extending a little past the bucktail


Step 4: Tie in clump of light olive buck tail


Step 5: Tie in a piece of polar reflector flash in blood red and palmer it to the cone


Step 6: Tie in a clump of arctic fox in chartreuse just in front of cone


Step 7: Tie in a clump of olive Senyo’s laser dubbing on top and a clump of laser dub on bottom then pull back and secure with thread wraps in front of them and whip finish

Step 8: Glue on eyes with gel superglue


Step 9: Build head around eyes with UV resin

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