Humpday Unwind: The Parana River

Humpday Unwind: The Parana River

From the team at Andes Drifters:

Our team is happy to present our new exciting destination: Upper Paraná river. We have launched this past season this trip which several customers have already tried and highly reviewed.

We believe this is the friendliest Golden Dorado offer on the market, ideal for those who want a taste of an exotic fish without going out of the comfort environment provided by a Lodge. Easy to get to with several daily direct flights from Buenos Aires and a Lodge less than 1 hour drive from Local Airport. And last but most important with the support and advice of local hosts and guides with a deep knowledge and over 15 years of experience on this unexplored fishery.

The Upper Parana River is home of the largest Dorados of this river system and allow us sight fishing opportunities due stable clear water conditions. It also features the spectacular addition of dry flies fishing to Pacu and Pirapita, which are 2 amazing species that add a lot of value to this program.
Take a look to our just released film.



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